The technology is based on flame- retardant materials, with excellent insulation properties, resulting in a building with a firewall inbuilt into the whole structure, while at the same time attaining Energy class A (i.e. better than the normal energy standard) .

(Prototypen is the bigger building with 2 floors, as shown in the pictures):

The building is made ​​with a patented insulation material that is inflammable and it is constructed with new building methods for saving energy (patent 2015) and with high safety standards.

ESAFEN buildings are designed with passive house standard, and with energy class A or A +++, which is significantly better than the normal building standard.

The thickness of the wall of the new building prototype is only 265 mm (as in ordinary buildings) but it has an insulation value equivalent to a concrete wall of 920 mm, i.e. almost one meter in thickness.

This is a new and revolutionary building method, which improves construction quality in terms of strength, insulation and comfort and with attractive, modern facades.

ESAFEN building saves lives and energy:

A price cannot be put on human lives; the high-quality of this patented insulation product reduces energy consumption by 50 -75%!
For the same price as an ordinary building, the customer gets a noncombustible, safe and double-insulated building!

Fire safety - HSE

ESAFEN buildings are naturally fire-resistant, as no wood or other combustible materials are used in construction, so they are impossible to burn. At the same time, the buildings can withstand fire of over 1,000 degrees, in the event that they should catch fire from other materials.

Price and insulation value

ESAFEN buildings are made of higher quality materials. As part of our promotion, we are setting the price of an ESAFEN build to that of an average new-build, athough the energy class is certified to A or A +++. This is higher than the normal TEK10 (which is the latest) building standards in Norway and other European countries.

Design and comfort

ESAFEN buildings can be designed according to the needs and wishes of the customer, with flexible room layout. The prototype is 3.5 meters wide and 6.2 meters long (i.e. greater than the ‘demountable building’ standard of 2.5 meters wide, which is due to adaptation to transport by road).