Drawing and design for ESAFEN new building

We are now launching new-builds with the energy-saving ESAFEN building technique and flexible standard drawing and design.


Our first step is to determine the customer's requirements. Then, in collaboration with our architect, we can create a drawing and design according to our customer’s needs and wishes. The customer can also come with his or her own drawing and design, which can be adapted to ESAFEN building standards.


Prospective customers can obtain more information by contacting us (see details at top of main web page). Upon engagement of our architect, payments can be made directly on our website using our pay button at top left corner of the main web page.

We work together with the customer on delivery of the planning application. Many communities are positive towards building new or modify existing buildings of Energy Class A. When an application is granted, we build the ESAFEN building as the turnkey contractor.


Examples of some of the different designs for residential, public and commercial buildings are shown in the following images: